How to Booting Super WinPE from a USB flash drive




Before start doing: Download support files, unzip file to the any folder.


1)  When finish unzip files in the folder, Format USB flash Drive by run ¡°HPUSBFW.EXE¡±

      -   Set Device = Generic Flash Disk or by usb name¡­¡­..

      -    File System = NTFS / FAT32 / FAT (FAT16 for dos)

      -    Volume Label = SuperWinPE 2.2

      -    Format Option = Tick Quick Format




2)   Run Program Grub4dos/grubinst_gui.exe

       -     Device Name = Tick Disk ¡­¡­¡­¡­..MB (refer to usb disk space)

-       Path List = Whole disk (If not show press Refresh button)

-       Options = Tick Don¡¯t search floppy

-       Press button Install

-       Copy File ¡°grldr¡± and ¡°menu.1st¡± in folder grub4dos to USB flash Drive.




  3)       Copy full part including file and folder from SuperWinPE 2.2 to USB flash drive.



4)       Copy 2 file in folder ¡°i386¡± :, and setupldr.bin to root directory.

5)       Rename file ¡°setupldr.bin¡± to ¡°ntldr¡± (no extension).

6)       Rename the folder ¡°i386¡± folder to ¡°minint¡±.

7)        Reboot from the USB flash drive and SuperWinPE should load.

8)        Finish.


* File win51P, win51P.sp3, txtsetup.sif will create automatic when boot from usb.


Create By KBTAN ¨C